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Interior Design: Kitchen Trends In 2014

In 2014 we will begin to see a lot of new as well as contemporary techniques in kitchen designs. What’s in for 2014 you might ask? Well to begin with art deco hues and dark stone countertops are what most interior designers are looking to incorporate into the home and kitchen.

The team at DWM | MALOOS, based in San Francisco, CA are interior designers that know how to make the most of your kitchen space. Through unique touches, and interesting features your workspace will be transformed into a feature of your home that guests won’t want to stop talking about! Here are some previous DWM Maloos interior designs.  

You can see the dark countertops styled with simple yet elegant cupboards and appliances. The darkness coupled with the lighter hues of the walls presents a calmness within the room. Adding to the touch of elegance, skylights fill the room with natural light.

Using black stone that is honed with an almost wood grain finish provides a soft finish, visually enhancing the openness of the kitchen.

Accessorizing with the right mix of art and function can provide the kitchen with a more warming feeling. You can continue to use black to tie the room together, or if you’d prefer a lighter look, perhaps this approach might work for you.

Please look through the photos and see how the forward thinkers at DWM | MALOOS can incorporate these touches into your kitchen/living area and then contact us!

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