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DWM | MALOOS Modern Art has a transitional art selection. Classic art with a modern twist creates a one of a kind piece of art, which is also customizable. It also offers pieces of vintage art, French printed artworks and some artistic productions created in the past fashion, Art Nouveau era suits/coats from France.

Serigraphy (screen printing) Serigraphic printing consists of forcing an ink, by pressing with a squeegee, through the mesh of a netting screen stretched on a frame, onto the object to be printed. The non-printing areas of the screen are protected by a cut out stencil or by blocking up the mesh. "Britannica"

Vintage prints are hand printed on paper using the original negative. They are typically limited in number and are highly sought after by collectors. Vintage fine art photography prints are known for their unique characteristics.

A lithograph is an original piece of art, directly from the artist. A print is a duplicated copy of said lithograph. Because the steep prices of original artwork and lithographs tend to be out of reach for most of us, it's not uncommon for original lithography art to be converted into prints for distribution.

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