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Custom and Vintage Lighting

DWM | MALOOS produces custom made Lucite, one of a kind, limited edition, chandelier, sconces for all tastes. Using vintage and antique pieces brings a unique character to the piece of work, intrigue to any style of room or home. Acrylic is the broad term for a range of thermoplastics. Lucite is a type of acrylic, that is of particularly high quality. Acrylic is a generic term and is often marketed under the brand name Plexiglass. On the other hand, Lucite—and this explains why the word is capitalized—is actually a brand name.

It also offers the most collectible types of Vintage, Antique, rewired, and rebuilt table lamps mounted on Lucite base, matt or clear. These beautiful Murano glass or glass parts come from Europe. The collection come in different colors, such as Amber, Amberina, Aqua Blue, Gold, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, and White. The lamps body part is made of Barovier and Toso Murano. Murano glass with its wonderfully unique qualities, artistic forms fascinate artists and designers. Production of Murano objects, created in the island of Murano, Italy, has historically united art and craftsmanship. "Murano Glass is so famous because it is handmade by highly skilled master artisans. Each item they create is a work of art."

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