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Custom Printed Wallpaper: A Wall of Opportunities

Wallpaper can really add a wall of wonders and great potential to the finished look and feel of any space. With the eccentric appeal of wallpaper patterns and custom printed images, you can impress the complexity of dashing designs upon your walls without having to hire the expensive hand of a professional Picasso. But what if you could have that beloved photograph that you’ve always treasured the most, plastered upon the scope of large surfaces throughout your home, office, or bedroom? Perhaps a picture of paradise will help to confront that chirping alarm clock every morning before work. Custom wallpaper professionals, like those at San Francisco’s DWM | Maloos is able to provide you with extensive personalized wallpaper possibilities and customized services that are growing larger and larger in popularity. With modern-day technology, the potential to be more unique with those wall-to-wall home improvements is growing unimaginable. The many benefits provided by stock wallpaper patterns and personalized wallpaper designs simply can’t be ignored! So why invest in custom printed wallpaper, you may be wondering? Well here are four favorable pieces of custom wallpaper content which just may pique your interest.



Many wallpaper formats now allow you to choose the foreground, background, accent colors, and size of the pattern to better suit the theme and contents of the desired space. Perhaps your son or daughter wants their favorite cartoon characters displayed? Maybe the den could use the personalized touch of a photo from your family vacation? Custom wallpaper makes this an attainable option for bedrooms, dens, and even offices.


Creative Quality

Stock and custom printed wallpapers are produced on high-quality material that will last. These products remain aesthetically appealing with their high-resolution projections while remaining durable, fade-resistant, and crystal clear. You get the best of all worlds!

Vivacious Value

If you are planning to take the stock wallpaper route, your newly patterned walls will present a luxurious accent for potential buyers down the road. Custom printed wallpaper is especially beneficial for a commercial space, as it adds a professional, business-oriented vibe to the working environment. You can inevitably boost resale and market value with the right type of wall covering.

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

Not only are personalized wallpaper designs in high demand for those who share a unique taste, but they are also friendly to our beloved environment. Also known as eco-friendly wallpaper, this inspiring home improvement material is both recyclable and printed using environmentally friendly inks, so there you have it; a wall of versatile, creative, valuable, and environmentally friendly opportunities await. With stock wallpaper patterns and personalized wallpaper options, you’ll be able to turn that stagnant space into a unique and customized work of art that’s entirely YOU.

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