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Lucite Stands

Accessories Integrates the Interior Elements With Each Other

Essential accessories can be added to something else in order to make it more efficient, useful, or decorative. Accessories are secondary objects but they are functional to keep your mood fresh for the longest time. Accessories enhances the space of your house by allowing you synchronise the interior elements with each other.

Discover Home Decor products to brighten up your living spaces. Setting the mood for the room DWM | MALOOS curates Artistic Accessories, Vintage and Contemporary Art, Keepsakes, Lucite Stands, Table Lamps, and Candlesticks for every room in your home. Ask Maloos about personalized art and décor in size and color to suit your taste.  Maloos also has custom Transitional Decor to suit a modern or traditional style. Shop here online, or visit our showroom to explore and purchase.

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