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Going Green Has Never Looked So Chic

When contemporary folks aim to add a bit of aesthetic flair to their stagnant home interior, they’ve been turning to wallpaper more and more often. One just has to log onto the ever-popular Pinterest to learn of the full-scale wallpaper take-over that’s been set in motion! Let’s just say that a healthy chunk of designers have been putting down the paint, and picking up the paste once again. Luckily, innovative eco-friendly wallpaper options have allowed this medium to get swept up in the green-tinted tide of the times.


Maloos Anvarian, the founder of DWM | Maloos, has started to offer a selection of forward-thinking wallpaper solutions for those who value the health and wellbeing of their local ecosystem. Boasting a vast array of patterns and styles, you can now update the mundane appearance of your home interior without pumping a laundry list of toxins into the soil. This is a classic win-win scenario!

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

Historically, wallpaper composition has included polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which helped battle moisture build-up. The chemical also made the paper easier to clean in many instances. Unfortunately, this PVC would emit a large number of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which have been linked to a whole slate of health problems within humans. As this vinyl will almost never decompose, all the worn-out paper, which was disposed of in area landfills was taking a terrible toll on local environments. Something as seemingly harmless as wallpaper was, quite literally, poisoning both the land and its residents.

Nowadays, however, DWM | MALOOS is offering a number of eco-friendly wallpaper options that contain no traces of VOCs. That’s right, you heard correctly! This specific variety of paper will quickly break down when disposed of and gives homeowners the opportunity to compost the old material. New green forms of wall covering also lead to higher indoor air quality, and won’t allow for the cultivation of any harmful bacteria within your home.

Additionally, DWM | MALOOS wallpaper is largely composed of water-based ink, as well as natural bamboo. These environmentally conscious, water-based pigments can augment any ailing interior, and won’t harm your body or the delicate San Francisco ecosystem. This recent evolution in wallpaper creation is currently regarded as the wave of the future, and Maloos certainly seems to be operating on the cutting edge; it may be time you hopped on as well.

With any wallpaper featured by DWM | MALOOS in San Francisco, you’ll never have
to sacrifice your aesthetic vision in order to remain environmentally conscious. The company gives consumers the option to browse through a vast selection of their trendy stock wallpaper, or create a custom design of their very own. Utilizing any high-res image, you can now print large-scale wallpaper murals to add a one-of-a-kind accent to your home. When it comes to selecting the perfect wall covering to suit your needs, the possibilities are truly endless. DWM | MALOOS can allow your next interior design project to stretch as far as your imagination is will to permit.

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