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Some of these resin rings are inspired by real opal stones; and might contain synthetic or real particles of opal. 

Cocktail , Statement , Elegant, Unique, Fun, Chunky, Funky Resin Rings in array of colors and finishes...Eye Candy... add a pop of color and Dazzle to your wardrobe.. pictures don't do them justice, more mesmerizing in person!  inspired by Murano Glass and  look like glass but more practical and durable...

Made in USA

"Lucite is a type of acrylic, that is of particularly high quality. Acrylic is a generic term and is often marketed under the brand name Plexiglass. On the other hand, Lucite—and this explains why the word is capitalized—is actually a brand name.
Resin, any natural or synthetic organic compound consisting of a noncrystalline or viscous liquid substance. Natural resins are typically fusible and flammable organic substances that are transparent or translucent and are yellowish to brown in colour."

Opal, Opaline Concave Shape Resin/Cabochon Dome Cocktail Rings

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